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Nurtured by Nature: Our Philosophy

Discover the Hidden Gem of Berkshire Pork

Hidden Hills Farm is the premier source for pasture-raised Berkshire pork. We stand behind our commitment to providing high-quality, healthy meat products and are dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable agricultural practices. Our passion for delicious, nutritious food is matched only by our commitment to preserving the land and the animals we raise. Discover the difference that our pigs' natural, stress-free environment and superior nutrition make in the taste and quality of Hidden Hills Farm pork.



Hidden Hills Farm is a small, family run farm in Livingston County, Michigan that focuses on pastured Berkshire pigs.  After much research, we found that Berkshire pork is the most flavorful pork you can eat.  We settled on raising a Berkshire/IPP (Idaho Pasture Pig) cross.  Our pigs have the gourmet flavor of the Berkshire along with the ability to grow and thrive on pasture allowing us to maintain sustainable farming practices. Along with the pigs we also have pasture raised chickens, flowers, and vegetables. 


Our desire is to bring the best products to you and your family and we only sell what we feed to our own family.  We raise our animals on pasture, feeding them the best possible food, and never use hormones or antibiotics.



Berkshire pork is special for many reasons.  It looks and tastes different than the "traditional" pork you find in stores today.  Traditional pork has been bred to have very little fat aka flavor, which is why pork found in grocery stores has very little flavor. Berkshire pork is succulent with a distinctive porky flavor. The meat is redder than conventional pork, has a sweeter flavor, and is laced with intramuscular fat, which makes it more tender and juicy.  Once you try Berkshire pork, you will have a hard time going back to that “other white meat.”

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